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A Puppy for The Holidays?

December is, for many, the season of giving and receiving gifts.  It seems the majority of children have imagined getting a pet as a holiday gift.  I know I did! A pony or a puppy under the tree would have been a dream come true for me.  I know I am not alone, as the number of emails I get each winter asking if I will have puppies ready for Christmas seems to grow each year. 

This year I actually have a winter litter, although they will, thankfully, not be ready for new homes until the beginning of January.  This takes some of the pressure off me, as even if they WERE ready to go home by Christmas I generally do not allow it.  There are a number of reasons for this, all having as their basis the well-being of the puppy.  The happy chaos of candy, toys and wrappings on Christmas morning holds multiple risks for the newest pack member.  Chocolate is poisonous for dogs, and the small bodyweight of an 8 week old pup means it doesn’t take much for it to be deadly.  A stray Lego can mean a bowel obstruction, as can a couple pieces of tinsel from the tree. Anyone who has ever raised a puppy knows how darn fast and sneaky they can be.  With a room full of new and interesting dangers, it takes only a moment of inattention for the joy of the day to turn into a trip to the veterinary emergency department.

So if you dream of giving your children a puppy for the holidays, I have a proposal for you.  Double the fun of the holiday by celebrating it twice!  Wrap puppy supplies and give them as gifts for your kids.  I have seen some of the most joyous videos, which start with confused children unwrapping a leash, then a collar, then a puppy bed… then the dancing, whooping celebration….”We’re getting a puppy!  We’re getting a puppy!”.  January rolls around, time for the pup to come home, and the celebration begins anew!

If this sounds like a plan that might work for your family, let me know.  I will be happy to discuss how to make it happen😊  Happy Holidays!