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How Does a Breeder Choose Which Dogs to Breed?

Not everyone is interested in this. But I admit to being a geek, a quintessential information-gatherer, and I know I would wonder about this topic if I was researching Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, or Double
Doodle breeders.  

For any reputable Doodlee breeder, health and personality of the breeding stock are of the utmost concern.  Genetic health concerns are addressed in a separate article entitled '
Genetic/Health Testing'.  Other examples of health issues are disorders like diabetes, thyroid disorders, anemia, or bladder infections.  Breeders will have their dogs checked for general health before any planned breeding.  

But what other considerations are there when breeders choose their breeding pairs?  Personally, I think personality runs a very close second to health as far as importance.  Different breeding pairings may be done depending on what plans the breeder has for the puppies.  Some dogs have personalities more suited to service dog work, others for therapy dog work, others as solely family companions.  Service dogs tend to have slightly more drive, and a need for a focus, and those characteristics might make them challenging for a very sedentary family.  But many people, myself included, like that kind of energy and prefer it over the 'couch potato' kind of pet.  So at Westwood Labradoodles we try to blend a number of those characteristics differently in different breedings.  We will be happy to help you choose the breeding and the puppy personality that best fits your family and

Once the characteristics of personality are defined as a priority, breeders decide what physical characteristics they want to produce in their pups.  Size, head shape, body shape, coat texture, thickness and color are all variables that are considered.  Once goals of those types are determined, a Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, or Double Doodle breeder needs to determine how to reach those goals.  Breeding hybrids is exciting, and risky, in that regard.  The desired characteristic in the pups may not be present in its exact form in either parent! Unlike the breeding of purebreds, where the goal is to reproduce the desirable qualities of the parents,  in the breeding of hybrids breeders seek to produce pups that are sometimes different than both parents.  For example,  I would like to produce Doodle pups with relatively full flowing coats, but not so full they require daily grooming or monthly trimming.   Those requirements are not uncommon in F1B Labradoodles.   I know several owners of F1B Labradoodles that take nearly 15 lbs of hair off their dogs twice a year.  That's right, 30 lbs of hair trimmed off per year, way more work than I would like!

There is no thing as a 'perfect' dog. A good breeder not only recognizes the characteristics that need to be corrected in a breeding dog, they are willing to make the tough choices that allow them to produce puppies whose quality surpasses that of their parents.

Author: Helene Roussi

"Perfection is not a state. It is a process of doing your best with a
sincere heart."

       Joon P. Choi

Author: Helene Roussi