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Kudos...Letters from Happy Owners of Westwood Doodles


Here are some pictures of Cookie! The boys just love her so much and they are doing so great with her.I am very proud of both of them and Cookie has been wonderful with the boys! Cookie is definitely 'Mommy's' little girl and I have really enjoyed spoiling her rotten so far!! She is such a great little snuggler!! I love her dearly and can't imagine life without her!"

LH, South Carolina

A later letter: "She truly is the best dog I have ever owned!! She is still doing great in her basic training classes and now is doing stay (at a distance), leave it, wait, and settle. She is soooo smart and picks up commands very quickly!"

"Hi Helene,

Taffy is a delight. Unfortunately, all I want to do is hug her. I have a petpen for her in the basement with a large piece of vinyl from Lowe's. I also have my basement set up for my grandchildren. I leave on music or TV if she is alone. In addition, Kevin put a stake into the ground so she can run around. Also, the crate is perfect. She actually sleeps quite comfortably in it. For the last two mornings I woke up before she did (5 AM). At about 9 P.M. I play some very calming music. She sits on my lap for about an hour while I am thanking God for my blessings - - for Helene and her & family who has made all of this possible."

P.S., OH 

 "Since Latte got trimmed I can really see his body and let me tell you he is a hunk! He has the perfect mix of a lab and a poodle. He is a big(standard poodle big), strong, boxy body, broad shoulders and head. He has that wonderful velvet fleece coat. His legs are long like a poodles, but not skinny. They are more muscular like a labs.This is totally unrelated, but he is a smarty pants. My 2 year old started to run off our property into the street and Latte pulled him back down in the yard. He had to run really fast to reach Cooper before he crossed our e-fence line."

 I.R., SC

"Wrigley is doing well. I am amazed at how sociable and lovable she is. She's an excellent cuddler. Wrigley met all my neighbors and my sister and she's doing very well with all the new people - very friendly and cuddly with everyone. She is still paper/pad trained and went to the bathroom perfectly last night and this morning. In fact, she slept in her little bed next to my bed last night and got up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom on the clean pad I had put in my room. She is wonderful."

B.M., IL 

 "Hi Helene!

Thought you'd enjoy some recent pictures. I think Roscoe is pretty much full grown now, we haven't weighted him lately but he has to be at least 25 lbs. He is such a great puppy! &nWe sure love him, he has fit right into our family. Hope all is well with you. Take care."


"Hi Helene,

Things are going great with Onyx! He;s such a great puppy and he continues to exceed all of our expectations. Stefan has no allergy trouble and for a guy who was very apprehensive about getting a dog, he is VERY close to Onyx and can't believe how much affection he feels for the little guy. Potty training, even at strange houses, is a complete success. He's a great traveling companion and is so quiet in the car.



 "This little girl is the joy of our lives. She sits, lays down and comes already. She is so smart!!! We just can't believe she is so perfect. She is almost housebroken... some times she gets so excited she doesn't think about it until the last minute, but at least she gets to the back door! My totally in love and she is already very much in love with him, too. This was the best thing I could have done for him, and I am so glad we got her."

L.L., TX

 "My little girl is doing well...getting bigger and more gorgeous everyday. I've gotten her used to a collar and leash, and we go to the 'village' (our local town) and practice her beginner training (heel, sit, stay, come) in public, along with doing them here at home. She is VERY popular! Everyone who meets her exclaims what an incredibly beautiful dog she is, and they can't say enough about how well mannered she is for being so young"

I.D. ,CA

"Molly is doing great, she has totally adapted to our busy family. The kids absolutely adore her. She is learning new tricks and loves to be outside. The potty training is coming along, she has found her spot outside and always goes right away. As you can tell from the pictures, the kids love her and she loves them."

J.D. MD 

"Hi Helene,

I have attached a pic of my cute double doodle Amber. She is an awesome loving puppy. I get so many compliments on her. I just wanted to thank u for breeding such a beautiful pup!"

V.M. AZ 


"Hi Helene,

Just wanted to send a long a couple of pictures of Scout who is 6 months old today! He is so much fun, very sociable, lovable. He is learning how to walk without pulling and is eager to please.

Ken and I are so happy with Scout."