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Westwood Purchase Contract/Warranty

This is a sample contract used for the adoption of our puppies.The health warranty does not change, but occasionally we will draft slightly different versions as necessary (for example, if a deposit has not been paid). 

WESTWOOD LABRADOODLES PURCHASE CONTRACTThis contract is between Helene Roussi, representing Westwood Labradoodles, (Hereafter Breeder) and (XXXXX) (Hereafter Buyer) and is entered into on this day, (XX/XX/XX). ;It pertains to a (XXXXXX) Labradoodle sired by (XXXXX) out of (XXXXX), born on (XX/XX/XX).

General:The Breeder has made a reasonable judgment regarding the eventual adult coat guarantee the eventual adult coat nor is there a guarantee of the eventual allergy-friendliness, degree of shedding or color of the coat at maturity.If it is determined that the dog has been allowed to become overweight at anytime during the warranty period, the warranty will become null and void. Not included in this warranty are health problems that re not specified in the contract, or those arising from trauma, abuse or failure to maintain general health care of the dog,  nor is the breeder responsible for any damages relating to the dog or caused by the dog.

Breeder's Responsibility:The Breeder guarantees the dog is in good health at the time the Buyer takes possession. The Buyers have five days to take the dog to a veterinarian for an examination. If the dog is found to be in poor health the Buyers have the option of returning the dog to the Breeder, at Buyers cost, for a full refund, or keeping the dog, and the Breeder will reimburse for all veterinary costs, up to the purchase price, related to treatment of the pre-existing condition. If the dog is found, at the initial veterinarian exam after arriving at the Buyer's home, to have a minor condition such as intestinal parasites or ear mites, the Breeder will pay for the cost of medications to treat that condition.

The Breeder provides a warranty for this dog until 2 years after the date of sale against hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, eye conditions that are genetic in origin, von Willabrand's Disease, and genetic heart disorders that are serious enough to require treatment. In the event the dog exhibits symptoms of a suspected genetic condition, the Buyer must supply any requested veterinary records to the Breeder. The Breeder has the right to a second opinion with a veterinarian of their choice, at the expense of the Breeder. In the case of an eye disorder the Buyers must provide documentation from a veterinary ophthalmologist. If it is determined the dog does have a life-altering genetic disorder that requires treatment in order to preserve the dogs quality of life, the Buyer has the option of either a replacement puppy from the next available litter, or reimbursement, up to the purchase price of the dog, of all veterinary expenses for treatment of that genetic illness. The payment of fees to treat the illness will be paid to the veterinarian treating the dog for the disorder, upon submission of receipts documenting the treatment. If the dog is covered by a pet insurance policy, only those costs related to the genetic disorder that are not paid for by the insurance policy will be reimbursed. The dog need not be returned to the Breeder. Shipping fees will not be refunded, and if it becomes necessary to ship a replacement puppy, those fees are to be paid by the Buyer.

The Breeder guarantees the dog will arrive to the Buyer current on vaccinations appropriate to her age. The Breeder agrees to provide a pedigree, and the number of the microchip implanted in the dog.

Buyer's Responsibility:The Buyer agrees to pay the Breeder a sum of $(XXXXX).  A $250 deposit has been paid, $(XXXX)of the $(XXXX)due with the signed contract.The Buyer is responsible for any costs associated with transportation or shipping of the dog.

The Buyer agrees that their Westwood Labradoodle will be housed indoors.The Buyer agrees to feed their Westwood Labradoodle only a premium quality dog food, or a balanced raw diet.The Buyer agrees to keep their Westwood Labradoodle at a healthy weight.

The Buyer agrees that if any legal action pertaining to this contract is necessary, it will be carried out in the jurisdiction of Franklin County, Ohio.

The Buyer agrees to make and keep annual veterinary appointments for their Westwood Labradoodle, and follow preventive health measures that meet the prevailing standard of care.

The Buyer agrees to attend at least one basic obedience training class with their Westwood Labradoodle within the first year of owning the dog.

The Buyer agrees to provide a suitable fenced or similar controlled area for the dog to ensure safety.

Buyer agrees that this dog will not be relegated to the status of 'outside dog' (living entirely outdoors).

The Buyer agrees to contact the Breeder immediately if the Buyer determines they are unable to keep their Westwood Labradoodle for any reason. The Breeder agrees to take possession of the dog at their expense, minus a $200 rehoming fee and to pay the Buyers full purchase price if the dog is returned within one month of the date of sale. Thereafter, 90% of the original purchase price will be refunded if the dog is returned in the first 6 months after the sale. Thereafter the Breeder will pay the Buyers 1/4 of the original purchase price of the dog. The Buyer understands that finding a new home for the dog may take up to 3 weeks, and agree to properly care for the dog during that interval. Reimbursement will be provided to the Buyer only after the dog has been sold to new owners.I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions set out above.

Breeder Signature and date:_________________________________________

Buyer signature, name, address, phone numbers and date:_______________________________________________________________