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Westwood Service Dogs

One of the goals we had when planning our breeding program was to breed dogs to donate to service organizations. There is a great need for this, as the number of people who need allergy-friendly service dogs greatly outnumber the number of allergy-friendly service dogs available. We are very proud that so far thirteen puppies bred at Westwood Doodles have been accepted into training as service dogs, and all but one are actually in service.  This success rate is practically unheard of (usually only about 50% of dogs chosen for service "make the cut"). This process takes approximately 2 years. Below are some updates on a few of the dogs.

The dog featured in the video below is from Westwood!

Sully recently graduated from Assistance dogs of America. Here is the update from their site:

Kate Hillard received successor service dog, Sullivan. Kate is from Toledo, Ohio and has neurocardiogenic syncope. She has a small photography business called Thru My Eyes Photography and attends UT’s Senior 60 plus programs. She also shares her home with cats, Zoe, Bailey and Beethoven. In addition to photography, Kate enjoys quilt making, taking long walks, working with children in a Mennonite tutoring program and cooking. Kate has previous experience with how rewarding and helpful an assistance dog can be through her first dog, Kirby, who developed epilepsy a year ago. She has so much more confidence and security with Sullivan, knowing that he will help her if she faints or falls. Sullivan is a labradoodle donated by Westwood Labradoodles. He was fostered by Sue Kroyer. The best perk for Kate is knowing Sullivan will be her new best friend. She would like to thank ADAI and everyone who made it possible for this to become a reality.

Tippy is in training with Canine Crossroads.

Maggie Moo was donated privately to the family of a girl with Sturge-Weber Syndrome.

Teddy was donated to Wags4Kids. The first is a picture from the day he left Westwood, the others after he was placed with his new partner! Wags4Kids was so pleased with the way Teddy turned out, they requested donation of another puppy. In 2008, Prince entered the training program at Wags4Kids. Prince was placed with a disabled child in 2009, and was featured in a local newspaper article!

 THIRD puppy was donated to WAGS4KIDS in October of 2009. Petey is currently in training in the WAGS4KIDS training program in the Marion prison.

This puppy was donated to Circle Tails. 

In the last 5 years we have continued to donate puppies to WAGS4Kids, and that is currently the only organization we are working with.  They do great work, and their website is worth a look!